Massive border security announcement

Another component of Trump’s promise to secure the border is being fulfilled.  Trump isn’t going to wait for Congress and try to fight with Democrats. Instead, he’s using an executive order to make sure the border is safe. And unlike former president Obama’s abusively broad executive orders, Trump’s new order will be squarely within the proper bounds of executive power.

The President has just announced that he plans on hiring 5,000 more border agents by the end of January. In response, Democrats are threatening a government shutdown if immigration reform (a code word for amnesty) isn’t addressed soon.

If the Dems have the wherewithal to actually go through with a shutdown, it’s likely that any resulting legislation will end in Trump’s favor. In fact, he’s already said that if Democrats want any protection for the “DREAMers” that they better be ready to fund the wall. Love or hate Trump, he hasn’t been shy about pushing for his campaign promises and he’s definitely getting stuff done. (Read More…)

Joy Behar tells viewers the US may be about to start killing gay people in the streets

In the battle of who is crazier, Rosie or Joy Behar, Rosie usually wins. But sometimes, Behar really gives Rosie a run for her money. On The View this past Tuesday, Behar likened the United States to Iran and President Trump to the Ayatollah Khameini. That’s right, folks. The Islamic Republic of Iran, one of the most theocratic regimes in the world, is, according to Behar, pretty much the same as America.

The most unbelievable part of Behar’s little tirade was when she said that America is close to treating gay people here as badly as they are treated in Iran. For the record, if you’re gay in Iran, you can be stoned, executed, or thrown off of a roof.

The only event even remotely like that in the United States was when 50 people were brutally murdered in a gay nightclub in Orlando. But that wasn’t officially sanctioned policy like it would be in Iran.  In fact, it was a brutal act committed by a fundamentalist Muslim extremist. Tone it down, Joy, your ignorance is showing. (Read More…)

Sen. Hatch to retire, allowing Mitt Romney to run for the Senate

The 40-year congressional veteran is finally throwing in the towel. Orrin Hatch, who entered Congress in 1977, has just announced his intention to retire. When his term is up, he will not seek reelection. His absence will, of course, leave open a Senate seat in the thoroughly red state of Utah.

So who’s going to pick up Hatch’s torch? Well, it looks like Mitt Romney might be his successor. Indeed, Hatch has previously mentioned that Romney would make a great senator.

If Romney runs and wins, his victory will undoubtedly add a novel ingredient to the increasingly bitter recipe that is the Washington DC swamp stew. How will Trump respond to a Romney victory and how will Romney deal with a constantly-tweeting Trump? Who knows, exactly, but it does promise to be entertaining. (Read More…)

Congressional investigation finds ‘irregularities’ in FBI’s handling of Clinton case – corruption?

This might shock you, but the FBI may have been less than honest in their investigation of Hillary Clinton.

Remember when Comey and his agency were supposedly investigating Hillary’s gross deviation from the government’s security protocol just prior to the election in 2016? Well, we all know that Comey eventually stepped out of his FBI role and pretended to be the Attorney General to determine that Hillary wasn’t quite negligent enough to prosecute. Since then, we’ve learned that FBI investigators, most notably Peter Strzok, purposefully modified the language in their findings to protect Hillary because of their disdain for Donald Trump.

Now reports coming out of the House Republican investigation into the FBI’s actions that indicate that the investigators weren’t merely being lenient — which was already unethical. Republicans believe that the FBI knew Hillary and others implicated in the investigation were actually committing illegal acts. And still, Comey declined to recommend prosecution. The FBI really needs someone to come in and clean house. (Read More…)

Trump to North Korea: My nuke button is ‘bigger’ and it ‘works’

Kim Jong Un has been on a tear in recent weeks. He keeps attempting to intimidate the president of the strongest country in the world. In characteristic fashion, Trump hasn’t given a rhetorical inch. He’s also sent carriers and battleships into the Korean Peninsula, continued joint war exercises with South Korea, and announced that the U.S. will pursue new anti-missile technology. Kim hasn’t been too happy to hear about any of this.

In a recent statement, Kim said that the United States is within range of North Korean missiles and that he has a nuclear launch button on his desk at all times. Refusing to be outdone, Trump struck right back on Twitter, saying: his nuclear button is “much bigger and more powerful” than Kim’s. Kim really needs to settle down — he’s not going to win this one. (Read More…)

Huma Abedin exposed classified secrets – will she pay the price?

Investigations into Clinton and Co. just keep turning up more scandals. It turns out that Huma Abedin, one of Hillary’s closest aides, was sending classified emails from her government account to her personal Yahoo account. Yahoo experienced a few very severe hacks from 2013 through 2015, which ended up exposing every single account, including Abedin’s.

To make matters worse, these emails were found on the laptop of former Congressman Anthony Weiner, Abedin’s husband. Weiner is currently serving a prison sentence for “sexting” a 15-year-old girl. Can these people get sleazier? I don’t think so. (Read More…)

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