Massive attack confirmed

One thing that makes the Trump-Russia collusion narrative so frustrating is that it’s a complete sideshow. While the evidence-free “Russian collusion” story sucks all the oxygen out the room, real dangers and real policy discussions are completely ignored by the media and Democrats.

This is particularly concerning when Russia is actually attempting to meddle in American affairs or elections. A recent report delivered by Jeanette Manfra, the head of cybersecurity at the Department of Homeland Security, just confirmed that Russian hackers penetrated voter rolls in 2016.

No votes were changed, but at least in a few states, hackers were able to penetrate security systems. This is a huge concern — the systems need to be secured. Actual threats like these are what we need to be talking about. Unfortunately, the media isn’t interested in discussing anything but their own partisan talking points. (Read More…)

Trey Gowdy says Democrats might have booby-trapped their FISA memo

It’s hard to expect much from Democrats. The entire first year of Trump’s presidency has been an exposition of what a party without integrity looks and acts like. And it seems Democrats are just doubling down on their dishonesty.

Rep. Trey Gowdy has warned that the Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee, who have created a memo responding to the one released by Republican Devin Nunes, may have creatively written and edited their memo. In short, Gowdy believes the Dems added classified information, which will need to be redacted, in order to make the memo look like there’s important information being left out.

The idea, it seems, is to create the perception that there’s classified information about Trump that they have, but can’t be released to the public. It’s a pathetic bait and switch, and it won’t work for long — the American people will run out of patience if they haven’t already. It’s time to either show the evidence of collusion or end the investigation. (Read More…)

Report: U.S. military launches airstrike on Syrian forces

On Tuesday night, forces backed by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad launched an unprovoked and coordinated attack against U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). This happened while American special operations forces were advising the SDF. Rounds from the Syrian’s artillery fire landed within 500 yards of the Americans.

Our forces responded swiftly. U.S. fighter jets bombed the Assad-backed forces, killing at least 100 shortly after the initial attack.

It would be wise of Assad and any military elements loyal to him to avoid threatening American forces in any way. President Trump and his military advisors won’t just let things go like Obama did. (Read More…)

Israeli police recommend indictment for Benjamin Netanyahu

Few expected this. Apparently, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, has been under investigation for two possible corruption schemes. The first, “Case 1000” alleges that Netanyahu was bribed by a variety of very wealthy benefactors. Champagne, cigars, and lavish gifts were provided for Netanyahu and his wife Sara, the case says.

“Case 2000,” involves a quid pro quo operation where Netanyahu would supposedly weaken an Israeli newspaper in some way in order to receive better coverage from a different paper. Case 1000 is worthy of an indictment, but Case 2000 does not have enough evidence to prove the allegations, police believe.

Netanyahu has categorically denied the accusations and has said that in the fullness of time the investigation will show that he is innocent of the charges. Only time will tell if he’s right. (Read More…)

Report: George Soros is backing ‘secret plot’ to topple Brexit

I don’t think there’s anyone who genuinely disdains representative government more than George Soros. At every turn, given the opportunity to undermine the autonomy of a country and its electorate, he just can’t help himself from doing so. A “strategy document,” obtained by The Telegraph allegedly exposes a plan of Soros’ to undermine the Brexit effort — which has had some serious setbacks already.

This plan includes a guerrilla marketing tactic that would be aimed at British Parliament members which would attempt to convince them to vote against the final Brexit deal. This would have the effect of eventually forcing another referendum to try and reverse the vote.

Soros can’t stand the fact that the British people voted for their own independence. The Anglosphere has long been a bastion of freedom around the world, and Brexit was a fantastic development. It’s time for pro-Brexit forces to stand strong and establish who’s in charge of the nation’s destiny. (Read More…)

Report: Obama-era cash traced to Iran-backed terrorists in disturbing development

Everyone knew Obama was up to some incredibly shady and unethical things while he was in office, but the administration was so tight-lipped that no one could discover very much while he remained in office. With Trump in the White House, Americans have discovered how Obama weaponized agencies like the IRS and the FBI, how the DOJ was often complicit, and how Obama’s foreign policy was too frequently focused on negotiating with terrorists.

In order to appease Iran, Obama prevented the DOJ from investigating Hezbollah’s criminal activity. Now this; apparently, money that was sent to Iran as part of the Iran Deal was sent to terrorist organizations. American tax-payer money went to Hezbollah and Houthi rebels in Yemen to conduct their terrorist operations.

I’m glad Obama is gone, but the consequences of his poor decisions will endure for years. (Read More…)

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