Mass SHOOTING – 4 People Dead So Far…

A 25-year-old man was arrested at an Alpine resort in Austria on Sunday after he allegedly killed his ex-girlfriend, her family, and her new boyfriend, Fox News reported.

The massacre happened around 6 a.m. and followed an incident at a restaurant in the area that police reported was “pacified” at the time. The man later showed up at the family’s home where the 19-year-old ex-girlfriend’s father told him the relationship was over and turned him away.

He later returned with a pistol and shot the father, brother and mother before killing the ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend who was staying there.

The gunman had apparently lived in the house for several months previously and knew the layout and where to find his victims. He turned himself in to police after the killings and told them that he killed five people.

The small town of 8,000 residents is in shock after the killings.

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