Mass Attack Confirmed – AT LEAST 4 Are Dead…

Tragedy just struck. A mass attack has been confirmed, and at least four people are dead. Millions around the world are praying and sending well-wishes.

One America News Network’s (OAN) Rachel Acenas took to Twitter with the announcement. “4 police officers killed, attacker also dead in stabbing at police headquarters in Paris,” she said.

“Per police union representative, assailant ‘is a policeman who had a moment of madness,'” Acenas continued. She followed-up by saying that the “attacker was shot & killed.”

This is an incredibly sad moment for Paris and its police force. Tragedies like this — given their random nature — are incredibly difficult to predict, and therefore often even more difficult to prevent.

“An individual believed to be a staff member of the building began attacking officers with a ceramic blade,” said the OAN report. Now many are wondering how the assailant was able to stab four people before being stopped.

Had the attack happened outside, response time would be slightly more understandable — but the incident occurred inside a police station. Let’s hope armed security in the building is increased to help deter future attacks.

Read the full story here.

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