Marriage Over… White House Rocked

The White House has been rocked by a crumbling marriage. The news just broke and it’s devastating.

George Conway, the husband of presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway, refuses to stop publicly criticizing President Trump. He has now called Trump a “malignant narcissist.”

“The Russia investigation was a legitimate investigation, with a legitimate basis, into how a hostile foreign power tried to interfere with and undermine our democracy,” Conway tweeted.

He continued: “But because you are a malignant narcissist—a person with both narcissistic and antisocial personality disorders—you couldn’t view it that way.”

This is a classic case of projecting from Conway. Because Trump wouldn’t give him the White House job he wanted, he’s resorted to public name-calling and put his own marriage at risk.

It is obvious and sad that Conway doesn’t care about his wife’s decision to stand by Trump. He would rather pop off on Twitter out of spite. Who’s the actual “malignant narcissist,” again?

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