BREAKING: Mark Zuckerberg Receives Devastating Diagnosis – Report Spells DOOM

Given the model of his business, Mark Zuckerberg just received the most devastating news he could possibly receive: Americans absolutely do NOT trust him.

They don’t trust him as a person, and they don’t trust his company with their data.

Considering Zuckerberg makes his money by selling Facebook users’ data and helping advertisers target users more specifically, this is the worst news Mark could hear.

Seventy-two percent of Americans do not trust Mark Zuckerberg or Facebook with their data.

Additionally, 62% believe that the government should step in and do something to limit big tech giants like Facebook and Google.

Their impact has grown beyond being a simple way to stay in contact with family or a way to search for things online. They are now the gatekeepers of information, and controllers of data that used to be private.

Just ten percent of people surveyed believe that Facebook has had a positive effect on society, while 56% are convinced the impact of Facebook has been negative.

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