BREAKING: General Milley Makes Shock Excuse About Kabul – Nation In Chaos

Top U.S. General Mark Milley recently spoke to America. When he did, he revealed how he and every single other person in America are different: There was nothing that he saw that “indicated a collapse of the Afghan Army and government in 11 days.”


Not the fact that one of the most violent groups in world history all of a sudden had a clear path to every government building in the country?

On July 8, Biden addressed a report that said the Afghan government would indeed collapse by saying “That’s not true, they did not reach that conclusion.”

Well tons of us DID reach that conclusion Joe. It’s just nobody dumb enough to serve in your administration was smart enough to know that if it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, it’s probably a duck.

Mark Milley, Joe Biden… You’ve let America down. We were counting on you.

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12 Responses

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    1. NO he needs to be BUSTED to Private and THROWN OUT of the Military on his A$$!!! This man is NOT a LEADER but a SUCK A$$ for Biden. Also, The Secretary Of Defense MUST be FIRED as he is even worse than Milley. Where are all the good Generals when we need one?? Norman, Patton or Bradley your country NEEDS you. What we have cannot lead a thirsty horse to water. What a DISGRACE they are to our country.

      1. Billy……..all our generals are primping in the mirror and adjusting their pink panties. I as well have never seen such panty-waist people more worried about proper pronouns than fighting a war. Geeeeezee………it’s all so freaken unbelievable…..!!!

  5. Milley’s only excuse for the Afghanistan dishwater is that he was too busy sucking his trans lover to pay attention to the withdrawal or plan for indicators if trouble.

    there is a reason Mlilley is called general suck it and tuck it.

  6. “Well tons of us DID reach that conclusion Joe. It’s just nobody dumb enough to serve in your administration was smart enough to know that if it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, it’s probably a duck.”

    Actually in the Joke Briben and ho Harris administration f it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, you must ask it what it’s preferred pronouns are and respect it s decision to be a lion and not a duck.

    On the other hand Gen. Milley is a moron and prove our military is a disaster.

  7. When you plan a withdrawal from an occupied country, you have to KNOW the ones who are going to take over are going to do everything they can to fill the vacuum you leave behind. You take what you can and destroy what you can’t especially if they are a belligerent. Absolutely remove any Americans, and remove all allied countries citizens, except for the military who should be the last ones out. In making the military’s last move out, there should be air cover that is second to none.

    But no, China Joe owes his allegiance to other than the USA!

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