BREAKING: Joe ‘Macho’ Manchin Makes Surprise Change – Biden Is

Joe “Macho” Manchin has been getting quite a bit of attention for two things lately.

First, for standing up to the baloney that was Biden’s “Build Back Better” bill, which everybody knew was nothing more than a socialist pipe dream.

Second, for standing up to the extreme hatred he’s faced from members of his own party. Apparently, liberals’ heads explode when you don’t fall in line with them.

Their goal was to ruin Manchin. Turns out they’ve done quite the opposite, as Macho’s fundraising has surged over $260k since opposing Biden’s horrific agenda and threatening to leave the party.

Manchin represented the lone Democrat in the Senate who opposed Biden’s absurd spending bill. His lone democratic vote was enough to give Republicans the 51-49 edge in a split Senate, preventing Kamala Harris from being able to cast the tiebreaking vote.

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