Major Bernie Sanders Scandal Breaks

Part of the appeal of Bernie Sanders is that he’s supposedly not a typically corrupt politician. His fanatical socialist views and unpolished presence are part of this myth.

But underneath the grumpy old man image, Sanders is very much a typical political operative – vengeful, corrupt and self-serving. And he’s about to be exposed. Recent research by the Daily Caller News Foundation has unearthed a major scandal that could sink Sanders’ presidential campaign.

Apparently, a Vermont businessman that challenged Sanders’ record with a political ad got under Sanders skin – enough that Sanders tried to pressure the Vermont attorney general into opening a criminal investigation into the businessman’s enterprises.

It’s a blatant abuse of his official position and the sort of thing that usually only occurs in places like Venezuela and The Peoples Republic of China. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that an avowed socialist has no problem abusing governmental power to crush a private citizen.

Read the full story here.

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