BREAKING: Joe Biden Caught On Live TV – White House Speechless…

Aaron Salter Jr. passed away on Saturday confronting the mass murderer that struck a Tops Supermarket in Buffalo, New York.

Salter Jr. is an ex-cop and was currently working as a security guard at the store.

He died trying to save fellow Americans.

He died a hero.

To say Biden didn’t treat the man as such is an understatement.

Biden tried twice, couldn’t pronounce the hero’s name correctly, and simply moved on.

“We pay tribute to all law enforcement officers and their families who understand what it takes, what’s at risk, to save and protect all of us. That includes paying tribute to the Buffalo police officer Aaron Salder — Slater, excuse me — who gave his life trying to save others.”

Salter Jr. gave his life. He deserved to have whoever was giving that speech take the time to say his name correctly.

This proves that Joe Biden’s visit to Buffalo wasn’t love, it was pandering.

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