Lindsey Graham STUNS Nation – It’s OVER


Lindsey Graham said that the Democrat party is in big trouble if they don’t settle on one of the many candidates currently vying for the 2020 presidential nomination.

“The president’s in a spot where he really can’t lose as this plays out,” Graham said America’s Newsroom on Tuesday. “[Former Vice President Joe] Biden’s going to win South Carolina, you’re going to have three different winners in the first three states.”

“If you can’t find a nomination on the first round of voting,” Graham said, “the Democratic Party as we know it is going to completely implode.”

Graham said he thought Bloomberg would fill the place Biden had been occupying as the former vice president’s campaign collapsed under the weight of numerous gaffes and accusations of wrongdoing in his dealings with Ukraine.

“You’re seeing the demise of the Democratic Party that your grandfather and grandmother knew and we’ll see how that affects America,” he concluded.

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