Lindsey Graham Makes Final Decision – Farewell

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has made up his mind how the border wall battle raging in Congress is going to end.

In a new interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, Graham expressed a firm commitment to President Trump’s vision for stronger border security, saying, “To everybody wondering how this movie ends — it ends this way: We’re going to build the wall one way or another.”

Graham also went into detail about the wall’s $5.7 billion price tag.

“The $5.7 billion represents 10 locations supporting the Department of Homeland Security that would make the most difference. It’s a professionally designed plan. If you look at the 10 locations on the border where the professionals say we need a barrier, it adds up to $5.7 billion.

As far as Graham is concerned, those who call Trump crazy for spending billions on a wall should ask why Sen. Chuck Schumer and other Democrats are now fighting him after previously voting in favor of a 634-mile border fence in 2006.

“Every Democrat virtually has voted for 634 miles of fencing… When you ask people where are the 10 locations of the 634 miles we need something up now, they gave us the location and the price tag is $5.7 billion.”

See the full interview here.

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