Limbaugh Halts Show To Warn His Fans

Radio superstar Rush Limbaugh just issued a dire warning to his 26 million listeners and every patriotic American — the threat is real.

You’ve heard about President Trump’s national emergency, but there’s one even more alarming than our border crisis. “I think the real national emergency is this coup,” said Limbaugh on his show.

He is, of course, speaking of the shocking news that discussion took place between Department of Justice officials about forcibly ousting President Trump from office.

The confession came from former FBI Director Andrew McCabe on ’60 Minutes’ recently, where he said the talks centered around rallying support to invoke the Constitution’s 25th Amendment.

This is “an effort to overthrow the 2016 duly elected president” and “is so big an emergency, it ought to be taking precedence over everything,” said Limbaugh.

“These people deserve a moral and legal reckoning,” Limbaugh said, calling the Washington elite trying to remove Trump simply because they don’t like him “conspirators of the first order.”

Read the full story here.

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