Limbaugh Goes OFF – Never Seen Anything Like This


Conservative superstar Rush Limbaugh just went off. People have never seen anything like this — he has exposed a major candidate for the Democratic nomination and the sparks are flying.

“Bloomberg is buying everybody,” said Limbaugh on his radio show. “He’s buying silence. He’s buying support. We’ve never seen anything like this. We’ve never seen this kind of money in politics.”

So far, the former New York City mayor has spent $400 million of his own money on advertising to increase his name ID and compete for the Democratic nomination.

Bloomberg’s power-play has been effective enough that he qualified for last night’s debate in Las Vegas “by garnering 19 percent support” in a recent scientific poll of Democrat voters.

As Limbaugh pointed out, “Bloomberg has already spent more than entire presidential campaigns go through” and “bought his way into the Democrat Party debate.”

But will Bloomberg’s fortune result in him winning the Democratic nomination? Given the party’s competing factions, this outcome would “tear that party apart” according to Limbaugh.

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