Breaking: Rush Limbaugh makes bombshell announcement… This is massive

Since Trump became president it’s become apparent just how swampy D.C. really is. I thought the IRS, FBI, and DOJ couldn’t get any worse. But I may have been wrong.

Rush Limbaugh just made the case that Rod Rosenstein may have been responsible for exonerating Hillary Clinton from the Whitewater scandal.

Whitewater was the first Clinton scandal that began their legacy of crooked dealing. Knowing what we do now, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that Rosenstein was involved in her exoneration. It’s time to clean out Washington and lay the Clinton crime syndicate to rest. (Read More…)

Former Fox News anchor Laurie Dhue files lawsuit against Bill O’Reilly

Bill O’Reilly is in hot water again. After allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct from employees at Fox News resulted in his termination, he’s since struggled to remain relevant.

Now another employee, Laurie Dhue, has filed suit against him. Laurie Dhue says O’Reilly defamed her and depicted her as a liar. Defamation cases are very difficult to win, but O’Reilly’s reputation could be a big problem here. This is shaping up to be another big blow to Bill-O. (Read More…)

Ex-Playboy model apologizes to Melania Trump for alleged affair

If the allegations of marital misconduct against the president are true, there’s no doubt that it has to really hurt Melania. Even if they’re not true, the publicity they’ve garnered must be difficult for her to endure.

One of the women alleging a relationship with Trump just apologized to Melania over the affair because “she wouldn’t want it done to her.” It might be a little consolation, but Melania deserves better. (Read More…)

Former Hawaii House Speaker resigns amid sexual misconduct probe

Sexual misconduct allegations and the resignations or firings that follow show no signs of stopping. Another Democrat, this time from the Hawaii State Legislature, is on the way out.

Rep. Joseph Souki was accused of multiple incidents of harassment in the span of his 36-year-long career in the state legislature. Now 86, Souki admitted to some of the wrongdoing while denying other allegations.

It’s disgusting to see just how many officials were willing to abuse their positions of power to satisfy their perverted impulses.  (Read More…)

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