Life Changing News for Mark Levin

Fox News is on a roll. Their lineup is already fantastic, and it’s about to get even better.

All­-star conservative pundit and radio host Mark Levin will be hosting a new program on Fox. “Life, Liberty, and Levin” will be about the foundational ideas, values, and principles of American society.

Levin is no slouch. He has attained a massive audience over the years and if he brings them to Fox, the ratings are likely to skyrocket. The program will be similar to Levin’s radio show, focusing on constitutional and legal issues, as well as cultural criticism and commentary.

Adding Levin to the Fox lineup cements the network’s number one position in the news and commentary world. (Read More…)

Music mogul Russell Simmons accused of raping 17-year-old

We’ve learned in recent months that politicians aren’t the only ones to engage in disgusting sexual abuse. Hip hop mogul Russell Simmons, known for his “love is all that matters” philosophy, is apparently a complete scumbag. Simmons and his protege, ­producer Brett Ratner, have been accused of some absolutely disturbing behavior.

Back in 1991, the pair brought then 17 ­year ­old model Keri Khalighi to Simmons’ apartment after a dinner. At the apartment, Simmons allegedly raped Khalighi and forced her into performing other sexual acts while Ratner stood by and watched.

Simmons is a Democrat Party donor, who has personally given thousands to the Clintons. There’s no word from Bill or Hillary as to their stance on Simmons’ grotesque behavior, and we all know why — both have already proved that they don’t have any problem with predatory behavior.  (Read More…)

Mark Levin calls UCLA dad a ‘punk’ for taking shot at Trump

Demonstrating precisely why Fox News wants him on television, Mark Levin put a beatdown on LaVar Ball, father of one of the UCLA student­ shoplifters, LiAngelo Ball. LiAngelo and two of his teammates attempted to steal sunglasses while in China on a team trip.

The Chinese authorities were not amused. Ball and his teamates faced up to a 10 year prison sentence before President Trump intervened on their behalf. But in a post-rescue interview with CNN, LaVar Ball refused to thank President Trump for saving his son from serving hard time in a Chinese prison.

Levin called Ball out for being ungrateful, which he is. Liberals have been vilifying the president for over a year now, and when Trump shows that he cares about all Americans under duress, even dumb UCLA students, they can’t even thank him. Good for Levin. Ball, on the other hand, should be ashamed of himself. (Read More…)

Whoopi Goldberg scolds UCLA players: ‘You embarrassed the president’

Levin wasn’t the only one who called Ball out. In a shocking display of sanity, Whoopi Goldberg chided the student shoplifters for embarrassing President Trump. Not only did they embarrass the president, they embarrassed the entire country, as Goldberg pointed out.

As Americans abroad they had a responsibility to represent our nation well, and at the very least not engage in criminal activity. This is about as stupid as it gets. These young men have much more to apologize for than not thanking their president.

Whoopi and Levin are right to criticize these men. Hopefully, they’ll wise up, respect their president, and stop engaging in criminal activity or making excuses for it. (Read More…)

Second woman accuses Sen. Al Franken of sexual misconduct

Al Franken and other lefties are starting to become engulfed in scandals of their own making. Franken was a Democrat Party favorite, a supposed champion of women. Now he’s completely shattered his own credibility.

A second accuser has come forward alleging that Franken groped her while taking a picture at the Minnesota State Fair.

What is it with so many of these so-­called defenders of women’s rights? Franken shouldn’t last long in the Senate, especially if any more accusations come to light. (Read More…)

CBS News fires host Charlie Rose for ‘extremely disturbing behavior’

Is there anyone decent left in the media?

Charlie Rose, the famous CBS news anchor, has been fired from the network after multiple accusers have come forward with troubling allegations of sexual misconduct. A one ­day suspension yesterday led to the anchor’s rapid termination today after the network determined that the allegations were too frequent and serious to ignore.  After the eight accusers were announced on the first day, over a dozen more came forward the second day.

Bye, Charlie, and good riddance. (Read More…)

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