BREAKING: Supreme Court Makes It Official – Leftists Are FURIOUS

Hang on to your hats ladies and gentleman, things are about to get wild.

It was recently discovered that America’s (perhaps) most prestigious university, Harvard, has been racially profiling students and denying admission to qualified students based on the color of their skin. You read that right, Harvard is denying admission to students not based on academic merits, but on skin color.

Well isn’t that just as racist as racist can be. But liberals don’t think so, and here’s why: keeping Asian-Americans out makes room for the people that better fit their narrative.

Luckily, the Supreme Court does NOT think this is okay. Here’s an excerpt from the petition that has led the U.S. Supreme Court to consider challenging Harvard’s racist enrollment practices: “Harvard’s mistreatment of Asian-American applicants is appalling. Harvard penalizes them because, according to its admissions office, they lack leadership and confidence and are less likable and kind. This is reason enough to grant review.”

Needless to say, any results here could have a nationwide effect. We appear to be one step closer to putting woke culture and critical race theory in the garbage where they belong.

People are people, no matter their skin color. It’s crazy that the “party of tolerance” still can’t seem to understand that…

To read more about this story, click here.

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