BREAKING: Biden Family Secret Stuns Voters – White House Scrambling

It’s no secret that the Oval Office does not currently carry the same sort of honor that we’re used to seeing out of the most powerful entity in the world.

Instead, what was once a place of stoic leadership has turn into a clown show of painters with fake jobs collecting crazy daddy’s money while Kamala cackles she’s not in Europe while streams of illegal immigrants flow over the border.

America deserves better.

Walter Shaub, is the former ethics chief of Barack Obama, even HE is saying that what’s happening in the White House right now is the “opposite of government ethics.”

Recently, Shaub blasted fellow liberals for gaslighting America into thinking Biden and company aren’t a bunch of criminals ruining this country.

Yeah yeah, I know some folks aren’t going to like this thread because we’re not supposed to criticize the president who’s way better than the ethical disaster named Trump. But, you know what? With democracy on the ropes, ethics has never been more important. And this ain’t it.

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13 Responses

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  5. Nothing the Bidens do stuns anyone. The liberals knew exactly what kind of person Joe Biden is before they put him up to run for president. Conservatives know exactly what he is, along with all his dishonest, traitorous family.

  6. Is anyone surprised that the White House has turned into a comedy factory? The whole world is laughing and taking advantage of our weak government.

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