BREAKING: New Count FORCES Election Reversal – Democrats Shocked…

In case you needed statistical confirmation to support the results of your eyeball test, a recent poll shows that Republicans lead Democrats by 14 enthusiasm points among registered voters.

The results, (79% – 65%), are important because enthusiasm is generally a pretty good indicator of how much each side is going to turn out in November.

More crushing to Democrats is the fact that young people are really starting to tired of politics, as only 57% of people between the ages of 18 and 29 are enthusiastic for the upcoming election. Low levels of enthusiasm in this demographic could be crippling to liberals, as they generally count on dominating the young vote every election in order to have a chance.

No young voters means no young vote to win.

All of this bad news above is only in the section on enthusiasm as well. When asked which way they would vote on a generic ballot, 50% of respondents said “republican” while only 41% answered “democrat.”

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