Massive Liberal Publication Admits, “Sadly, Trump is Winning”

Here it is, folks: the inevitable acceptance of defeat. Huffington Post author Earl Hutchinson wrote: “This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to write and admit: Trump is winning.” Yes he is, Earl.

The president has unleashed a booming economy, appointed a brilliant Supreme Court justice, and rolled back several burdensome executive orders while writing his own to curtail harmful immigration policy. He nearly has tax reform through Congress, and ISIS is entirely on the ropes. Trump is winning, and so is America. (Read More…)

Report: Whistle-blower says Robert Mueller lied to the Senate – that’s a crime

How much time is left before Special Counsel Mueller’s probe crumbles under the weight of its own biases and incompetence? Probably not very long. It seems that every day we learn about another blunder committed by Mueller’s “crack team.”

Big League Politics has just released a report alleging that Robert Mueller and some of his FBI cohorts lied to the Senate in 2005 while being questioned about an FBI program. Who made this allegation? One of the actual agents who was involved in the program about which Mueller lied!

The agent, Chuck Marler, said that the evidence won’t be easy to uncover, but he and the rest of us hope Mueller will be held responsible for what he’s done. (Read More…)

Donald Trump’s Christmas message: ‘This is your land’

One of the many reasons that Trump is celebrated by his base is because he genuinely seems to love America. At a rally doubling as a Christmas celebration last Friday in Florida, Trump declared to the audience: “This is your land, this is your home, and it’s your voice that matters the most” before sounding off with an unapologetic “MERRY CHRISTMAS and THANK YOU Pensacola, Florida!”

Candidate Trump’s campaign was about being proud of America, its flag, its troops, and its traditions. That includes America’s Christian tradition and heritage. This is why Trump and many of his supporters say ‘Merry Christmas’ during the Christmas season. Trump also said that he’s done with ‘apologizing for America.’ That alone is worth celebrating.

Merry Christmas, everyone! (Read More…)

George Soros is funding the effort to investigate Trump for sexual harassment

Yesterday we reported on David Brock’s funneling of money into campaigns to impeach the President. Brock is an associate of George Soros and both men are ardently anti-Trump. Soros, in particular, has donated to a variety of organizations that are involved in creating and promoting civil discord around the country. Now, the Democrat billionaire is funding the efforts to investigate President Trump for the allegations of sexual harassment leveled against him.

The women who came forward to accuse Trump this week were supported by Soros. That in itself doesn’t invalidate their accusations, but its worth noting that nothing would make Soros happier than creating chaos and controversy for the President for his own political ends. (Read More…)

Report: North Korea ‘building factories’ for ‘bio-weapons production’

North Korean dictator and Rocket Man extraordinaire Kim Jong Un has been up to some very troubling business lately. He’s been escalating hostilities on the Korean Peninsula for months now, firing missiles and testing nuclear weaponry. Recent reports show he has also been building factories and working to obtain the materials to manufacture biological weapons.

As if nuclear weapons weren’t enough. What happens when an unbalanced tyrant has nuclear and biological weaponry? Let’s hope we don’t have to find out. (Read More…)

Sarah Sanders: Obama taking credit for Trump economy is ‘laughable’

Sarah Sanders is throwing haymakers again. After former President Obama patted himself on the back last week for the economic boom under the Trump administration, Sanders had some choice words for him. Obama’s claim, she said, was ‘laughable.’ She’s correct. From the very day of Trump’s inauguration, investor confidence boomed, and businesses started reinvesting in the economy.

This isn’t a coincidence and it’s not Obama’s legacy just delayed by a single day. It’s what happens when you elect a pro-business president who promotes policies that reward success instead of penalizing it. (Read More…)

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