BREAKING: Joe Biden Goes Down – Even Liberal Media Admits…

When even the liberal mainstream media is turning on the Democrat president Joe Biden, then you know his mistakes must be significant.

Even ultra-leftist Jake Tapper of the ultra-left CNN is frustrated with Biden’s lack of transparency.

“A humanitarian crisis in this country growing more severe by the minute as thousands of migrant children without parents or guardians are overwhelming facilities at the U.S.-Mexico border as a new administration struggles to explain how it is going to better handle this influx humanely while also discouraging future migrants,” said Tapper on his ultra-leftist television show.

Tapper was even forced to admit that the recent photos leaked from the migrant centers along the border were “not all that different from heartbreaking images we saw during the Trump years or for that matter during a similar crisis when Barack Obama was president in 2014.”

Then the ultra-leftist Tapper dropped a bombshell on Biden. “Today we saw this rare look inside these facilities since the Biden administration has not granted a news media access to the facilities citing COVID restrictions despite the president’s promise in his inaugural address to always level with you. Blocking access to the news media is not leveling with the American people, Mr. President,” said Tapper.

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3 Responses

  1. Understand, the liberal party of “democrats” and big business “corporations” and “mainstream media” are all one and the same. They all take orders from the same liberals that run our government, operate our industries, and control our education and indoctrination of our children. It isn’t hard to understand.
    Look at the last election or the numerous attempts to take over the government (via fake impeachments of Trump) along with the cover ups.

  2. Wow It shouldn’t be a big shocker that THEIR CHOICE FOR POTUS is a big under handed creep who lies constantly. The demon costs cheated so he could be in the White house and now they’re complaining about him. Well awah, awah…

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