Lewandowski Drops BOMBSHELL – Congress Explodes In Chaos

Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s former campaign manager, appeared before the House Judiciary Committee this year and dropped a bombshell. Congress exploded into chaos.

After Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida destroyed the Democrats’ anti-Trump witch-hunt — including their drive to impeach him — Lewandowski laid down the truth.

“I think they hate this president more than they love their country,” said Lewandowski. Beforehand, Gaetz noted that he couldn’t impugn the motivations of his colleagues, but that Lewandowski wasn’t tied to this rule.

Trump’s former campaign manager could be more right. Democrats, still reeling for Hillary Clinton’s loss and looking for someone to blame, have turned our government into a mockery.

As Gaetz noted, this is a “charade fundamentally opposed by the American people,” yet Democrats, in their hatred, continue to obstruct President Trump at every turn.

But we have a strong president in the White House who continues to work on behalf of the nation. Despite the Democrats’ political games, our economy is booming, jobs are being added daily, and we’re on the offense against terrorism once again.

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