Humiliating leak embarrasses Megyn Kelly

Apparently, Megyn Kelly has few fans on either the Left or the Right. Probably because she can’t seem to figure out what side she’s on. Every move she’s made since leaving Fox News seems to have been negative for her. In an unexpected nexus between the FBI scandal and Megyn Kelly, a recent leak has made things even worse for her.

Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, the FBI agents who were saving Hillary from prison and investigating Donald Trump, had some choice words about Kelly. In their text messages, which occurred around the time of the presidential debate she hosted, they comment on how bad her “botox” looks.

It turns out that Strzok and Page were at least as shallow as they were biased and corrupt. (Read More…)

Flu outbreak has killed at least 63 children, say CDC officials

This flu strain is absolutely terrible. After the flu vaccine was created, the strain evolved so that the vaccine, although mitigating the symptoms, wasn’t effective in preventing people from getting sick. Which means that the flu was able to spread more easily than usual.

What makes the situation worse is that the strain is also more deadly than usual. Those factors have made this flu season a tragic one. So far, at least 63 children have perished after becoming infected. It’s unimaginable what those families are going through. I’ll be keeping them in my prayers. (Read More…)

Hillary Clinton suffers coughing fit on camera during live taping

There’s more than one reason that we’re lucky for not having “President Hillary Clinton.” She’s corrupt and dishonest, but even if she weren’t she probably has some serious health issues. Most remember her falling over while on the campaign trail, and her erratic behavior from time to time.

While filming a video for a group called Makers, which raises awareness for women’s issues in America, Hillary erupted into a coughing fit. This isn’t surprising to people who were paying attention to her health. No one knows exactly what’s going on with her, but we do know that President Trump has a very clean bill of health. Another bullet dodged. (Read More…)

Sean Hannity says evidence to be revealed that will ‘rock the foundation of Washington, D.C.’

Sean Hannity has some very intriguing news. He says that there’s some evidence to be released regarding these FBI scandals that will absolutely rock Washington. I hope Hannity isn’t overselling whatever it is that he’s heard. Republicans put a lot of stock into the FISA memo from Rep. Nunes and the House Intel Committee, and it certainly was an important set of revelations.

But it largely confirmed most of what people expected, rather than releasing new evidence or allegations. I’m more than happy that Nunes and his colleagues finally revealed some details to the American people, but the way in which the whole affair was advertised may have damaged their credibility a bit.

If Hannity is being genuine here, I’m sure everyone can’t wait to hear what’s coming. (Read More…)

Assassination attempt on the Queen was covered up by New Zealand government, ex-police officer says

In 1981, an attempt was made on the life of Queen Elizabeth in New Zealand. A teen named Christopher John Lewis planned to assassinate the queen while her motorcade traveled through Dunedin. For whatever reason, Lewis was not a fan of the Royal Family, so he decided to add murder to his long list of crimes.

Lewis was able to get a shot off, but, shockingly, no one noticed it, even though it hit near the queen. Lewis was later arrested on an unrelated charge and he confessed to the attempted assassination. However, his attempt was not publicized, and Lewis was not charged.

Why? Well, the New Zealand government didn’t want to jeopardize future royal visits. This is a pretty strange story, but the big takeaway is that you can’t always trust what the government is telling you. This an important lesson these days. (Read More…)

Israeli F-16 fighter jet crashes after Syrian forces fire on it

Syria is really beginning to heat up again. American forces have engaged with pro-Assad military units in recent days, and the U.S. backed Kurdish and Syrian Democratic Forces have been under siege in some areas. Just a few days ago, U.S. Air Force fighter jets dropped some serious ordinance on militants after they nearly hit some American special forces who were doing training missions on the ground.

Pro-Assad forces claimed a small victory after heavy anti-aircraft fire from the ground in Syria claimed an Israeli F-16. The jet was returning from a mission to destroy an Iranian drone factory, when, passing over Syria, it was hit by ground-based weaponry. Thankfully, the two pilots were able to eject, but one of them was severely injured, reports say.

The Israeli Defense Forces are not to be trifled with. They said that they will respond to threats as is necessary — and they will. (Read More…)

Should you ‘buy the dip’ in stocks?

After the stock market’s major tumble in past weeks, social media exploded with small-time investors saying things like, “Buy the dip!” It sounds like good advice. If anything, it almost sounds obvious.

In fact, this tempting approach is statistically more likely to cost you than earn extra. In fact, since investors started saying “buy the dip”, stocks are down another 4% – and we could be on the verge of a substantial correction. Fundamentally, “buy the dip” is a bad strategy based on an economic illusion. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that there is an effective strategy you can use to make money, without gambling on the dip. Check out my latest article to find out how. (Read More…)

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