Laura Ingraham’s Show Off The Airwaves

Conservative author and commentator Laura Ingraham has become an immensely popular host on the Fox News Channel, and appears to be on the verge of closing out the year as the fourth highest rated cable news host, trailing only fellow Fox News hosts Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson, as well as MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

But Ingraham is pulling herself off of one show this year as well, namely the incredibly popular morning talk radio program she has hosted for the past 17 years, as she instead shifts her focus to a future in podcasting.

The Daily Caller noted that Ingraham said, “While hosting a prime-time television show and raising three children on my own, continuing a three-hour morning radio show was no longer feasible. Although I will greatly miss my radio listeners and affiliates, working late nights and early mornings has taken a toll on my family life.”

Ingraham’s final radio broadcast aired on Thursday. She will soon launch a new original program on Podcast One.

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