Laura Ingraham TRAGEDY – This Is Serious

Conservative superstar and Fox News personality Laura Ingraham just announced a tragedy. This is serious news, and all Americans need to pay attention.

On her show, ‘The Ingraham Angle,’ she said that electing a Democrat as president in 2020 would be “the ultimate act of self-destruction for America.” She couldn’t be more right.

She continued by noting correctly that “Democrats have decided to turn on the American people,” and “they literally have nothing to offer the American people except their own derision and hatred.”

Ingraham then said a “new figurehead” for the Democrats, such as former Vice President Joe Biden, still won’t make Democrat policies desirable or even workable.

“The failed policies of the Biden and Obama administration primed the country for a results-oriented leader like Trump. Does anyone seriously believe Joe Biden is the man who’s going to fix the border crisis?” she asked.

Like Trump, Ingraham has no problem telling the blunt truth. We cannot afford to go back now that we have a president who is fighting for us. It will be decision time sooner than later, America.

Read the full story here.

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