Laura Ingraham Stuns Fans – Big Quitting Decision

Fox News superstar Laura Ingraham just stunned millions of fans nationwide. She dropped a bombshell on everyone.

With the Mueller witch-hunt finally over, Ingraham said the Democrats and mainstream media need to quit lying and apologize to President Trump, the Trump family, and the American people.

On her show, she called out the “destructive and defamatory allegations” against the president, which “were based on erroneous reporting, anonymous sources, leaks and whispers, gossip.”

Once Mueller turned in his final report without finding any Trump-Russia ‘collusion,’ it was confirmed what we knew all along: The investigation was about politics, not the truth.

Ingraham also stood up for Fox News. “All of the members of the mainstream media — I have no words for their calumny, their lies and their false accusations,” she said. “You owe us an apology.”

She also lamented the scam that Democrats and the media tried to pull on Americans. “Your precious tax dollars were spent and the country’s focus diverted to investigate a president who was innocent,” she said.

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