Laura Ingraham Says It’s Over – Millions Stunned

Conservative superstar and Fox News personality Laura Ingraham says it’s over. She just made it official, and millions nationwide are stunned.

During an airing of her show, ‘The Ingraham Angle,’ she declared that globalism is being rejected. The people of Europe are “demanding their freedom,” she said.

Ingraham noted that the UK’s Brexit Party recently racked up major election wins, and she believes this is just the beginning. There is a movement growing.

Europeans are “demanding their freedom from the international shackles put on by regulators who don’t know and can’t respond to their country, their people or their needs,” she said.

Ingraham continued: “I think of Angela Merkel, the woman responsible for Europe’s admission of one million plus refugees. Let’s face it, that has been a disaster from Italy to Sweden and everywhere in between.”

It seems all of Europe is waking up to the truth that the European Union, as it currently functions, doesn’t represent the interests of the people. Americans should be thankful for President Trump.

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