Laura Ingraham Makes Tragic Announcement – Please Pray

On her Fox News show “The Ingraham Angle” Thursday night, host Laura Ingraham addressed Democrats’ attempts to get rid of the electoral college to prevent anyone like President Donald Trump from being elected again.

Without the electoral college, Ingraham said, the U.S. would be a “tyranny disguised as a democracy.” States with smaller populations like West Virginia would lose any say over their government in the shadow of states with bigger populations, like California, New York and Texas.

Ingraham pointed out that Democrats have not been able to take down Trump through investigations or impeachment (so far), and that the efforts to dismantle the electoral college are only a next step in the efforts to do so. Without the electoral college, liberal states would make decisions for everyone else, and that’s exactly what Democrats want.

It used to be that politicians on both sides recognized that if they couldn’t win at the ballot box, they still had to respect elections and their results, regroup their membership, and try again the next election. Are Democrats really going to abandon any pretense of respect for and cooperation with our governmental structure and blatantly attempt to subvert it?

If the American public allows Democrats to twist their views and opinions about the electoral college and how our government should be structured and run, it’s only a matter of time until we can kiss our freedoms goodbye.

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