Laura Ingraham Makes Heartbreaking Announcement

Laura Ingraham captured listeners attention recently on her national talk show, with an impassioned appeal to President Trump to fulfill the mandate the voters gave him. And she made sure to emphasize the heartbreaking consequences of failure.

In her words:

 I feel terrible for the people there but I mean we can’t take in everyone. This as we have record — still record veteran homelessness in the United States.

…this is not a time for Donald Trump to play it cautious here on this. The time is gone for that. Is it a Hail Mary pass? Maybe. Maybe you call it a Hail Mary pass but it’s the only way he can go. You don’t get this wall built, you don’t get real fortification on the border, you don’t get Congress to stop this madness, we’ve lost the country anyway.

That’s a sobering thought. America’s laws, liberties and very future are endangered by the lawlessness of illegal immigration.

There are ways to help the citizens of other countries improve conditions where they live; Americans have always been generous in aiding the populations of war-torn and impoverished countries. But that is a very different thing than abolishing all laws and borders. If we do that, we really do lose this country.

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