Laura Ingraham Gives Sad News To Fans… Oh No

For many who still believe in the sincerity of our political discourse, Laura Ingraham has some sad news. Democrats have misread the 2016 elections entirely and instead of learning their lesson, they’re veering further left.

Fox News reports:

“They completely misread the results of the last election and have adopted essentially a slash-and-burn strategy toward almost every American tradition and common-sense understanding of economics and governance,” Ingraham said.”

Democrats are taking Clinton’s strategy and amplifying it massively.  This didn’t work for Clinton in 2016, and for Democrats that don’t have her name, it definitely won’t work.

The race is wide open in a big way after Biden – the ostensible frontrunner – stumbled during the debates.

CNN reports:

“As his aides and surrogates scrambled in the aftermath to recast the confrontation and Biden defended his record Friday in Chicago, his perceived status as the most “electable” Democrat in the field suddenly felt flimsy and the race more wide open than ever before.”

Biden and Sanders were the most recognizable and strong candidates. However, this radical field is anyone’s game.

Read the full story here.

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