Laura Ingraham Ends It – Rumors Were True

Fox News superstar and Trump ally Laura Ingraham just ended it. The rumors were true — she exposed them on national television.

On her popular show, The Ingraham Angle, she destroyed former Vice President Joe Biden’s absurd attack against President Trump’s economic record. This is utterly devastating.

She said, “Well, that’s convenient, right? If you can’t beat him, as in Trump’s economic numbers, just change the way everything is scored because by traditional metrics … Trump is a lock for 2020.”

Ingraham was responding to Biden’s comments from a rally in Pittsburgh, in which he claimed, “I think we have to rethink how we define what constitutes a successful economy.”

Of course ol‘ Joe would be wanting to “rethink” how we’ve always measured economic success. He can’t compete directly with Trump’s record, so the only way to score points is a cynical attempt to reframe the debate.

“Make no mistake,” Igraham said. “This whole routine on Tuesday is … about setting the narrative for 2020.” She’s right and Americans will see right through it.

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