Lara Trump Confirms The Rumors… It’s True

Lara Trump on AOC’s ‘squad’: Their ‘extreme ideas’ do not represent American women as a whole.

Lara leads the ‘Women for Trump’ coalition, which just kicked off in Pennsylvania.

She claims the president has overwhelming support from women, because women “want a fighter.”

“Women’s issues are American issues. We want a better economy; we want more jobs. Out of the 6 million new jobs created during the current administration, 56 percent have gone to women,” she explained.

Discussing the fued between President Trump and ‘the squad’, Lara said: “They have very extreme ideas, they constantly dump on our country, call it garbage, are fighting against the people that are trying to protect us at our southern border, and I think women are proud of the fact that the president has stood up to that.”

The Democrats will write these patriot women off as ‘not real women’ or just following their husbands lead, but Lara knows the truth.

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