BREAKING: Kim Jong-Un Recorded In Nuclear Plan – America On High Alert…

Kim Jong-un has sent the world into absolute shock with his recent announcement:

Be “fully prepared” for nuclear war.

The announcement came on April 25 when Kim Jong-un held a massive military parade displaying the country’s “cutting-edge military hardware.”

At the parade, Kim spoke to his soldiers, telling him they were going to “decisively accomplish” any “unexpected second mission” against the enemies of communism and to be “fully prepared” for nuclear war.

There isn’t a single other person on this planet as excited about blowing us all up, so it’s concerning to hear Kim talk like this. Although, he does bluff all the time.

Despite technically being at war with South Korea since 1950, North Korea has not launched any nuclear weapons since 2017 and has claimed that it’s shut down it’s only nuclear test site.

Kim hasn’t always told the truth in the past, but only time will tell if he’s lying or not this time.

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