BREAKING: SCOTUS Justice Nominee REVERSAL – She Can’t Do It…

Keisha Toni Russell is a constitutional lawyer at First Liberty Institute.

Simply put, she knows her stuff about the Constitution of the United States of America.

In Russell’s opinion, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson does not.

That’s because Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson thinks that America’s Constitution is racist.

If it’s racist, then there’s no way that Ketanji can defend the Constitution, right?

Well liberals don’t seem to think so. Ketanji’s support of Critical Race Theory shows that she doesn’t have a decent understanding of our Constitution, so how can she possibly defend it with her rulings?

In Russell’s opinion, Ketanji can’t.

That’s why Keisha Toni Russell testified as such at Ketanji’s confirmation hearing.

“Every lawyer and judge promises to defend and protect the U.S. Constitution, but she cannot uphold this oath if she believes that the Constitution and the principles of America’s foundation are racist and inherently flawed. Neither can a judge remain impartial and administer justice independently if she holds a philosophy that correcting racism requires affording privileged classes less justice than oppressed classes.”

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