Kenny Rogers Makes Heartbreaking Announcement.

After a nearly 60-year career, country music icon Kenny Rogers is officially retiring. He was honored at the “All in for the Gambler Farewell Concert Celebration” in Nashville on Wednesday night, in an emotional evening filled with heartfelt moments that featured a “who’s who” in the country music industry.

Featuring over 20 tribute performances for Rogers, whose career included more than 30 studio albums and 24 number one hit singles, the concert was a timeless moment that will be remembered.

Those familiar with Rogers and his impact on the industry know that he one of the most influential country stars of all time. The “Gambler” will be missed. (Read More…)

Criminal Charges Have Been Filed.

The first indictment by special counsel Robert Mueller in the investigation into Russian collusion in last year’s presidential election was approved by a federal grand jury Friday. Both the exact nature of the charges and the person under indictment are being kept under wraps until Monday by a judicial order.

Although details of the indictment are not yet known, the two names mentioned most as targets are former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort. Flynn was fired in February after the president learned he lied to Vice President Pence about his communications with Russian officials. Reports also claim that Manafort is currently being investigated by the U.S. Attorney for Manhattan for money laundering.

All eyes are on Monday’s announcement. It will be interesting to see where this goes and who is involved, but with Mueller in charge of the investigation, one has to question its reliability. After all, he was the one who covered up the Russian uranium corruption scandal for four years, a decision from which the Clintons profited mightily. (Read More…)

Legendary Actress Dies.

On Saturday, British actress Rosemary Leach passed away at the age of eighty-one.

According to film producer Caroline de Wolfe, Leach passed away after falling ill only a short time ago. She will be remembered for her work on the television shows “That’ll Be the Day” and “A Room With a View.”

Leach was loved and respected, with a range and depth to her acting that many of today’s actors lack. She will be missed. Rest in peace, Rosemary Leach. (Read More…)

Deadly Disease Hits U.S. State.

California public health officials are struggling to effectively address the largest hepatitis A outbreak in years. Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency earlier this month, citing a need for more vaccines.

Since the initial outbreak months ago, nineteen people have died, and more than 600 have been infected. The majority of cases have occurred in the San Diego area, although Santa Cruz and Los Angeles counties are also affected. California health officials publicly admitted that the health emergency could last for years, not months.

Officials are trying to defeat hepatitis A through “immunization, sanitation and education efforts.” Let’s hope this works and they can mitigate this epidemic quickly and effectively. (Read More…)

U.S. Navy Gets Shock Message at Sea.

The USS Ashland, on a routine deployment in the waters south of Japan, received a shocking rescue request earlier this week, after a Taiwanese fishing boat discovered a vessel in distress but was unable to tow it. Arriving at the reported location Wednesday, the USS Ashland rescued two American women, Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuiaba, who were stranded on a disabled sailboat.

The pair had been adrift at sea for an unfathomable five months. The Ashland rescued the two women 5,000 miles away from their destination. This is an incredible story of perseverance and survival in the face of unthinkable adversity.

The Navy has had a difficult few months in the news, and this story is a welcome and heartwarming change. We’re all thankful for their safe return. (Read More…)

CIA Assassination Plot Found in JFK Files.

While the thousands of archived JFK records that were released to the public Friday shed little light on the actual JFK assassination, they are a treasure trove of unrelated information — including CIA plans to kill then-Cuban President Fidel Castro.

Members of the CIA created “Operation Bounty” to assassinate not only Castro but other high-level Cuban Communist officials. According to a released document, the plan may have had the blessing of top CIA officials, although then-Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy was against it.

According to a report released last year, the CIA made an estimated 638 attempts on Castro’s life. The U.S. government clearly wanted him dead. It is unprecedented that a document was released confirming an assassination plot on another government leader, but not surprising that such document exists, especially considering the troubled history between Kennedy and Castro. (Read More…)

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