Kellyanne Hands Trump a Shocking Gift… Media Stunned

Kellyanne Conway, President Trump’s senior adviser, has stood by him faithfully and the media hates her for it. And now she’s stunned them once again with a shocking gift to Trump.

Speaking about the release of Mueller’s final report, she said, “This has been a political proctology exam and he’s emerging with a clean bill of health. There’s no other way to look at it.”

Conway was addressing reporters outside of the White House, where she also noted gleefully that this was “really the best day since he got elected” and they’ve been “accepting apologies” from critics.

Her remarks to the press didn’t go without another feeble attempt by the media to bash President Trump, however. But she shot back with ease at a reporter who said Trump was investigated for obstruction of justice.

“Intent matters, and that’s the whole point here,” she said, pointing out that the claims against Trump have amounted to “zero legal significance.”

She continued: “What matters is what the Department of Justice and the special counsel concluded here, which is no collusion, no obstruction, and complete exoneration, as the president says.”

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