Kellyanne Devastated – Her Husband Of 18 Years…

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway is in a devastating situation. She is in a politically divided marriage.

George Conway, her husband of 18 years, is not a big fan of President Trump. Who happens to employ his wife.

In response to the spat between Trump and failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney, George Conway said that Trump’s criticism should be worn as a badge of honor.

Saying that Romney “stood up for the country” and that Trump “only stands for himself,” George seems firmly encamped with the old Republican side of the party.

Mitt Romney and George Conway represent the side of the Republican party that has done nothing for the American people or themselves.

Mitt Romney failed to beat Barack Obama in 2012 and his only point of relevance is his attacks on the President. Those Republicans are good for nothing but losing. Hopefully, Kellyanne Conway can successfully separate her marriage from politics.

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