Kellyanne Conway Tragedy – It’s Finally Over…

President Trump’s longtime counselor, Kellyanne Conway, was just shocked by a terrible tragedy. It’s finally over, and her family and friends can’t believe it.

Republicans are now going after Conway for political gain. Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) has become the lone Republican to join Democrats in voting to subpoena Conway and force her to testify before Congress.

Democrats are claiming, erroneously, that Conway has repeatedly violated the Hatch Act — a law that prohibits federal employees from engaging in campaign-related activities in their official government capacity.

The accusation is ridiculous, of course, but Rep. Amash is content with supporting the Democrats’ blatantly partisan move to create yet another political circus and bring Conway to discuss her so-called “violations.”

Amash said that this is not about whether she is violating the Hatch Act or not, it is whether she should comply with the subpoena.” He added that she’ll “make her case for why she thinks she is complying with” the Act.

But Amash is just being a typical politician. This isn’t even about Conway; it’s about making a name for himself. Ever since becoming an anti-Trumper, he’s gained new Democrat friends and become an establishment tool.

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