Kellyanne Conway Stuns Reporters… Shock Confession

Kellyanne Conway, President Trump’s longtime counselor, just stunned the mainstream media. Her confession is now making headlines nationwide.

“Donald Trump won. We didn’t need WikiLeaks. We had Wisconsin. He won because he was the better candidate,” Conway said.

She was being interview on ABC’s ‘This Week’ program and continued to defend Trump’s victory in the wake of Mueller’s report going public.

Democrats, of course, continue attempting to discredit Trump’s 2016 victory by blaming ‘collusion’ and WikiLeaks. They can’t stand that he beat Hillary Clinton outright.

This is despite the reality that Mueller refused to prosecute Trump or any of his family members on claims of ‘collusion’ with Russia to affect the election. Conway has rightly said that the report exonerated Trump.

Democrats have nothing left and Conway called them out on it. Trump won fair and square, and neither Russia or WikiLeaks mattered. Wisconsin and other battleground states chose “the better candidate.”

Read the full story here.

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