Kellyanne Conway Marital Announcement… Oh No

Longtime Trump ally and counselor to the president, Kellyanne Conway, can’t believe it. She was just shocked and saddened by this marital news.

Conway’s husband, George Conway, has stepped up his public attacks on President Trump. He went on yet another rant about Trump’s mental state, further putting his already shaky marriage at risk.

In a pair of nastytweets, he accused Trump of exhibiting a slew of negative character flaws, including “Lies, half-truths, exaggerations, distortions, misrecollections, ignorant misconceptions, wishful thinking…”

Conway didn’t stop there. He even claimed that President Trump says “things that randomly pop into his mind that he thinks sound good at any particular moment,” and is prone to “random babble” and “endless jumble” in his head.

“What’s true and what’s not […] really doesn’t matter to him. He finds no shame in being caught in a lie, so why should he distinguish truth from falsity in his own mind?” wrote Conway disparagingly.

Conway’s tweets came after Trump exposed the New York Times for yet another bit of shoddy reporting. Of course, Conway sided with the failing liberal newspaper against his wife’s own boss. Poor Kellyanne.

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