Kellyanne Conway Made Her Decision – Oh No

Kellyanne Conway, President Trump’s longtime ally and official counselor, is known for her blunt telling of the truth — much like Trump himself. And she’s put the establishment on notice once again.

In an interview on Fox News Radio, Conway told the show’s host, Brian Kilmeade, that President Trump’s State of the Union address was unlike any other. “Normally,” she said, “you have a president standing there giving a laundry list of all the pie in the sky things they want to do”.

She then contrasted this approach of past presidents to how Trump prefers to inspire people, saying that his address “weaved together the stories of other people to try and advance his agenda and try to make us all feel better about being Americans.”

You can almost hear the gnashing of teeth from the corridors of power in Washington, DC. The swamp hates Trump because he knows how to connect with the average American and doesn’t play partisan political games. As Conway said, Trump “loves this job because he loves this country.”

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