Report: Megan Kelly bullied Fox makeup artist

To hear her tell it, Megyn Kelly is a feminist warrior, empowering women everywhere. To hear her staff tell it, Megyn Kelly is abusive and demeaning, especially to women.

That’s exactly what a former Fox News makeup artist says about Kelly. According to The Daily Mail, Kelly called the artist a profane and hurtful name, all because she was unable to get Kelly’s makeup done due to a timing problem.

She’s also being accused of treating male guests on her show preferentially. I don’t know why Kelly thinks she can get away with treating women like this. It’s rude, and if she were a man it wouldn’t be tolerated in this environment, and for good reason. She’s a disgrace. (Read More…)

Stormy Daniels promotes online fundraiser to pay her lawyers

The saga of Stormy Daniels gets more unusual by the day. Daniels has made some vague allegations about a relationship between her and Donald Trump prior to him running for president. Due to a settlement into which Daniels entered, she is prohibited from discussing the allegations in exchange for $130,000.

It turns out that Daniels is looking for some financial help to pay for her legal team. If she breaks her settlement agreement, she has to pay at least $1 million per breach. At the same time, she stands to profit from her story (whether it’s true or false). This is why she’s offered to pay back the settlement money, which will undoubtedly not be accepted by the president.

None of this is to say that Daniels is lying or telling the truth. Who knows? But it might explain why she wants to spread the story so badly. (Read More…)

Bill O’Reilly says parts of California ‘almost destroyed’ by liberals

Former Fox News star Bill O’Reilly is calling out the leadership of the state of California for the mess that it has become. After years of concentrating massive wealth in small areas like Silicon Valley; enacting incredibly high tax rates; and killing jobs through artificially high wages, a large part of California has become a wasteland.

Outside of some wealthier parts of cities and wealthy vineyard owners, much of the state lives in serious poverty. In fact, it is now the poverty capital of the United States. This is what happens when a bunch of well-intended, but terrible liberal policies are enacted. Liberals have no idea how the economy works, and this is why they have no business running governments. (Read More…)

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