Kanye West ATTACKED… Tragic News Released [Developing]

Comedy Central host Trevor Noah attacked rapper Kanye West in an off-air segment of the Daily Show for saying that blacks should not be expected to vote Democrat just because they are black.

Noah actually mischaracterized West’s comments as saying that “every black person in America is brainwashed.” West did not in fact say this.

“I don’t disagree that you can have your own opinion,” Noah said of West’s comments, but he then argued that “70, 80, 90 percent of black people” voting Democrat means that they couldn’t possibly all be brainwashed.

“So you’re saying you’re the only person who’s enlightened, and all these black people are stupidly following this Democratic victim [narrative]?” Noah continued, going on to suggest that rich blacks like West might vote Republican out of self-interest.

West took issue with the Democrat party in a recent interview for keeping many blacks dependent on food stamps and encouraging them to have abortions, among other policies.

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