BREAKING: Election Theft Investigation – Claim Result Was STOLEN…

Vice President Kamala Harris has a lot of holes in her staff to fill as aides fight to get to the exit first on their way out. No less than seven of them have abandoned her recently.

Now, her newest replacement has shocked America by being outed as an election conspiracy theorist.

Jamal Simmons, Kamala’s recent communications hire, has claimed on at least three seperate occasions that the United States Presidential election was stolen and the winner was “illegitimate.”

It should surprise nobody that Simmons is a giant liberal, so he isn’t questioning the HUGE black trunk that was snuck out from under a polling table in 2020 after Republicans were made to leave the room.

No, Simmons believes that George W. Bush “stole the 2000 election” and that “W was illegitimate.”

So, regular Americans aren’t allowed to have their suspicions about the 2020 election without being labelled terrorists, but this bozo can come in and spew completely unverified nonsense about the 2000 election and be appointed to the WHITE HOUSE.

Something is very, very wrong in America. And their names are Kamala Harris and Joe Biden.

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