BREAKING: Kamala Harris Caught In Military Conspiracy – Voters SHOCKED

Kamala Harris just got hit with the dreaded “fact check” label. In case anyone out there needs a translation, that means Kamala Harris lied.

On December 26, the vice president appeared on Face the Nation with CBS regarding the peace plan outlined by former President Trump.

While there, she repeatedly lied about Biden’s botched premature evacuation in Afghanistan that lead to over a dozen Americans dead.

Instead of taking the responsibility upon herself or assigning it to Joe, Kamala tried the oldest liberal trick in the book: blame it on Donald Trump.

Referring to the plan that killed so many Americans, Kamala falsely asserted that she and Biden were simply following the plans that had been previously laid out by former president Donald J. Trump.

She concluded by saying she doesn’t regret the decision that she and Joe made, omitting any sort of apology to the deceased.

“We made the decision that if we were to break the agreement, it would have been a whole other situation, and right now I strongly believe that had we broken that agreement, we would be talking about the war in Afghanistan, and American troops in Afghanistan, and we’re not talking about that. I don’t regret that.”

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