BREAKING: Kamala Harris SHOCKER Stuns Congress – Threat To Democracy…

Biden’s new Disinformation Chief Nina Jankowicz immediately made an announcement about vice President Kamala Harris.

Online mockery of Kamala Harris is a threat to democracy and national security.

“Congress should reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and include provisions against online gender-based harassment,” Jankowicz said.

According to Nina, the only basis that conservatives could find to criticize Kamala for was “gender disinformation.”

Okay, “disinformation” is their new word to mean “things liberals don’t agree with.” Noted.

If this doesn’t show you Nina’s crazy already, let’s see how long she continues this nonsense for.

It doesn’t seem as though she plans on stopping soon:

A quick search of Nina’s online presence found no concerns over the number of death threats received by Donald Trump or how often he’s falsely labeled a “white supremacist.”

That’s fine, but referring to Kamala as “headboard” is being defined as a threat to national security…

Oh how I wish I were joking…

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