BREAKING: Kamala Harris’ Secret History Comes Out – She’s Guilty

Well, well, well, are any of us REALLY surprised? Turns out Kamala isn’t the perfect little angel she and the media wanted to present her as during her run for the vice-presidency.

In fact, it turns out she’s actually the heartless goon hellbent on power we all tabbed her as, but were called “racist” or “sexist” for pointing out.

Two senior advance staffers recently resigned from presumably well-paying jobs on Kamala’s staff, which left people asking “why?” Turns out, it was the boss. In fact, people have been jumping ship from Kamala’s team for years now. One senior Democratic operative suggested that Kamala “has challenges with staff wherever she is.”

One professor alone had at least twenty of her students come to her in tears, begging to be removed from their internship in Harris’ attorney general or Senate office.

But this was years ago, and Kamala definitely hasn’t stopped since. Check out the details of her more recent scandals below.

To read the rest of the details, click here.

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