BREAKING: Kamala Harris Learns Dreaded Truth – She’s DONE

Polls are nice, but if you’d like a more… social way to track how America feels about Biden’s White House, Google searches are a nice way to start.

For Kamala Harris in particular, the results are NOT pretty.

For over an entire MONTH, the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” consistently received more daily Google searches than the vice president of the United States of America.

Only a scandal that broke around November 19, highlighting the horrid state of Kamala and Joe’s relationship put her ahead of Joe’s three favorite words.

Even when people do search her, it’s because they are angry, not because they are fans. In fact, four out of the five states with the most searches for Harris were heavily red states that Trump dominated in 2020.

The “Let’s Go, Brandon” chant originated when NASCAR reporter Kellie Stavast either misheard or tried to cover up what the crowd was saying after driver Brandon Brown’s first NASCAR Xfinity Series win. With the crowd clearly chanting “F*** Joe Biden,” Kellie claimed she was hearing “Let’s Go Brandon.” Most fans think the phrase was a bad attempt at a coverup, but to be fair, Kellie was wearing headphones specifically designed to remove outside noise while conducting her interview.

Since then, the phrase has become a fun, vulgarity-free way of telling Joe Biden what we really think of him.

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