BREAKING: Kamala Harris Gets Awful Diagnosis – She’s DONE

CBS TRIED to give Kamala an out after her comments hit the public that she feels she would be getting more favorable reviews if she were a white male.

Obviously, Kamala didn’t make her boss Joe Biden look very good with her “white male” comments, as Biden is both of those things and is getting absolutely HAMMERED because of his poor perfomance.

So when CBS asked Kamala to double down on her claims that she’s being treated unfairly because she’s a woman of color, she had an answer that catered to an audience of one: Joe Biden.

Not wanting to double down and make her incompetent boss look even more dumb to the rest of America, Kamala simply said “I’ll leave that for others to deal with.”

So, if she’s not willing to blame racism and sexism for her poor reviews, then what’s her excuse?

Well, according to Fox’s Joe Concho, she has none. There is one reason why Kamala Harris is failing, and that’s Kamala Harris.

To see exactly WHY Joe Concho is so sure, click here.

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