Kamala Harris Ending It – Shock Announcement

Kamala Harris is planning on ending right to work laws –  and she isn’t shy about admitting it.

The Daily Caller reported:

“At a recent union event in Las Vegas, Harris said part of the job of being president is “to speak up about the needs and the rights of workers,” and their ability “to organize and fight for their rights … It has to be about banning right-to-work laws.”

Kamala Harris is brazenly declaring her intention to outright ban all right to work laws nationwide.

The Washington Examiner reported her as saying:

“I’d use my executive authority to make sure barriers are not in place to do the advocacy [unions] need to do,” Harris said.”

Harris is putting herself firmly on the side of big unions, and against Americans who want to make their own choices.

Speaking to big union donors at posh events in Las Vegas, Harris is doing a good job of showing us why she shouldn’t be President of the United States.

Read the full story here.

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